Red Canyon Limited

What we do

Red canyon provides professional project management services and expertise in marine technology systems to marine authorities, ports, vessel owners and the oil and gas industry. We are experts in the management of complex high technology marine projects such as the development of Vessel Tracking Systems, Offshore / Coastal Radar Surveillance Systems, Offshore Asset Protection and Collision Avoidance Systems and Control Centre outfitting.

Red Canyon can provide anything from short duration ad-hoc consultancy work and feasibility studies all the way through to end to end management of long term complex multi stream projects.

Our Services

Red Canyon specialises in the project management of marine technology projects on behalf of the client. For such complex projects, specialist knowledge is required and Red Canyon is able to provide expert knowledge and support in the following areas:

Vessel Tracking / VTS / Marine Systems Analysis

  • Existing system Assessment / GAP analysis
  • Requirements Analysis based on business objectives, budget and geographic location
  • Feasibility Analysis for proposed marine / surveillance systems
  • Technology Assessment & Selection
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis
  • Business case generation
  • Bid process management & vendor selection

Full lifecycle Project Management

  • Turnkey solutions from small projects (1 radar / AIS) all the way through to larger scale fully integrated projects (10+ radars with multiple Control Centres and dedicated IT architecture)
  • Full support provided for complex technology deployments such as those required for Asset Protection Systems covering offshore Oil & Gas fields and / or wind farms

Marine Procedures and Personnel

  • Generation of bespoke best practice marine procedures written from the ground up according to business requirements and objectives
  • Advice on recruitment and competency requirements for marine / offshore personnel
  • Provision of training and mentoring for marine system operators

Marine Navigational and Communication systems analysis

  • Subject matter expert on the deployment of electronic Navigation systems in the Offshore Marine environment (Radar, AIS, DGPS, ECDIS)
  • Advice on the deployment of communication systems within the offshore marine environment (Terrestrial: VHF, MESH. Satellite: V-SAT, Fleet Broadband)

Marine Technology / IT Systems advice

  • Deployment of Servers, Switches, Firewalls and IT architecture
  • Deployment of dedicated secure networks
  • Compliance with corporate IT and digital security policies

Software Development

  • Development of specialised software modules to achieve business objectives (Logistics management, Search and Rescue, 3D presentation, Web Access)

Control Centre deployment

  • Advice on locations and equipment outfit for Control Centres
  • Project Management of Control Centre deployment, as required

Project Management Support

  • Provision of project management advice and support according to PMI (project Management Institute) and CVP (Capital Value Process) methodologies
  • Analysis and recommendations for existing projects
  • Turn Around recommendations and support for under-performing / failing projects

Our History

Red Canyon Ltd was established in 2015 as a direct response to the need for effective project management expertise related to marine and surveillance projects for clients within the Marine / Oil & Gas sectors

Red Canyon aims to provide independent service to ensure that all business objectives of the client are met in a timely and cost efficient manner

Our Experience

Red Canyon has successfully provided services to major Oil companies and consultancies in the implementation on a variety of high complexity / high CAPEX marine technology projects. A full experience list is available on request


Philip Nottingham - Director
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