Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue (SAR) operations are normally carried out by a specially trained unit of the national Emergency Services capability. It is not normally carried out by a VTS Authority but the VTS system can be a useful tool to aid Search & Rescue planning and in the monitoring of operations as they progress. For any SAR incident, early notification is vital, particularly if the incident relates to a person in the water. The recovery operation will involve SAR Assets such as Helicopters and Fast Rescue Craft as well as planning tools to determine the most likely location of the SAR incident when allowing for the effect of tide and wind since the first, or most recent, sighting.

Search Planning

Following notification of a SAR Incident, it will be necessary to determine the effect of wind and tide on the object or person in the water over the elapsed time. It will also be necessary to determine how long it will take to deploy SAR Assets to the scene.