Monitoring, Control & Surveillance

Monitoring, Control & Surveillance involves multiple systems, assets and surveillance tools to create a solution that is suitable for the particular fishery and the types of fishing activity that occur within its boundaries.

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Customs Vessel alongside an illegal fishing vessel

EEZ Monitoring Control & Surveillance requires inputs from all assets, sensors and systems. Covering an area the size of a national EEZ cannot be achieved with shore based sensors alone, although they do have a participating role in the compilation of the complete maritime surveillance picture for the EEZ. Effective and reliable monitoring of licensed fishing vessels (through a Fisheries VMS - Vessel Monitoring System) enables the operational location of fishing vessels to be plotted and through Satellite AIS the location of commercial vessels can also be plotted. SARSAT satellite imagery and other Patrol / UAV surveillance techniques can then be used to detect vessels that remain unknown and these can be targeted by patrol vessels to determine their intent within the EEZ.