People Tracking

The offshore wind sector frequently deploys a lot of people to multiple offshore locations throughout the various phases of the wind farm lifecycle. Keeping track of all personnel is important from both the legal “duty of care” perspective as well as from the point of view of efficient time / work management and quick evacuation in the event of an emergency. The transfer of Offshore Workers from Vessels to Turbine structures involve significant risks and therefore it is vital to ensure conditions are safe for such transfers.
People tracking technology is normally incorporated into the Marine Coordination System used by the wind farm developer. It will identify the number of personnel that are located on each offshore structure and also those travelling between offshore locations on one of the Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) or Workboats. The Marine Coordination System will provide the real time picture of personnel locations and enable real time management of offshore work programmes and facilitate quick responses to any emergency. However, the People Tracking technology may also be integrated with a database system so that work patterns can be analysed with a view to improving efficiency and validation checks can be applied to ensure all training is up to date and thereby ensuring that safety standards are maintained and only authorised personnel are allowed offshore.

Typically, People Tracking will involve monitoring the movement of personnel onto and off of CTVs. The Marine Coordination System tracks the movement of CTVs and so the location of all boarding and disembarking is known to the system. In this way, the system will be able to record which turbines are visited by each worker throughout the day and using which CTV. From the Health & Safety point of view, the location of all personnel are known at all times. The database provides a profile for each worker and enables all training records to be kept up to date with timely warnings advising when refresher courses should be taken. Integration with the Marine Coordination System will provide alerts should workers board vessels when their training and approvals have expired. In this way, the wind farm developer can ensure high safety and duty of care standards at all times.
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