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Latest News: 13th International VTS Symposium from 8-12 August 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

IALA publishes new V.128 ed 4 (Operational and Technical Performance Requirements for VTS Equipment) and new Guideline 1111


VTMiS.info focusses on technology and developments in all sectors of the Maritime Surveillance market. It covers technologies employed for vessel traffic management within a local area, such as a port Vessel Traffic Service (VTS or VTMIS), surveillance of a coastal zone (including Coastal GMDSS) and offshore sea surveillance. It also addresses wider EEZ management and longer range systems that are used for global vessel tracking, including satellite AIS, LRIT, SSAS and Fisheries VMS and MCS. It therefore covers many aspects associated with the creation of effective above water Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) from the local area to EEZ and global maritime traffic management.

VTMiS.info provides a generic overview of VTS requirements and longer range vessel tracking requirements. It will derive functions from those requirements and will examine the implementation issues that would apply to any purchased system bought to address such requirements. It will assess a wide range of such requirements and functionality across a wide range of Maritime Surveillance applications, followed by a review of the technologies and sensors that could be employed. VTMIS.info will therefore cover:

The Cost Benefit Analysis will establish a number of key criterion that can be used to determine whether the implementation of a system is valid. This is a topic that varies widely in its execution and so it is hoped that by establishing a rational approach to Cost Benefit Analysis, some consistency may be able to be achieved and that the Risks criteria identified can be shown to be addressed by any delivered solution.

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