VTS & Maritime Surveillance Issues & Solutions


This page provides details of experienced VTS, VMS, EEZ Maritime consultants. If you are a Maritime Systems Consultant, you can have your details posted here. Use the Contact page and select Consultancy to apply.

1. Vitesse MSL

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Based in UK
Vitesse Management Services Limited (Vitesse MSL) was established in 2009 and owns and operates VTMIS.info.
To contact us, please email: vitesse.msl@vtmis.info

2. Imsarc Ltd

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Based in UK and the Philippines

Imsarc Ltd was established in 1999 and provides a high standard of professional independent advice concerning the strategic, tactical and operational management of a Coastal States’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Search and Rescue Region (SRR).  Imsarc specialize in all aspects of Maritime Safety, Search and Rescue (SAR), Maritime Security including the ISPS Code, Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), GMDSS communications, Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Automatic Identification of Ship (AIS) systems, and emergency planning and Training.
Imsarc provides services to international organisations (IMO, EMSA), National and Port Administrations and Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s), the shipping industry and the offshore oil and gas industry.

3. Arlo Maritime

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Based in Norway
Arlo Maritime AS is a Total Contractor on Coastal Services - Maritime Communication, GMDSS, SAR and VTS. 
The Company operates worldwide with the main office located in Oslo, Norway. 
Arlo Maritime’s main focus is design and implementation  of land based Coast Radio Stations, VHF, MF/HF, NAVTEX , Vessel Traffic Services, CCTV, Radar, AIS. AtonN’s and Search and Rescue Centres.
Arlo Maritime also assist in Pre-planning, Project Management, Training, Consultancy and Surveys, in addition to own courses on Radio Technology.